Bea Kilduff, Installation, 2020
Location: Birkrigg, Cumbria
Instrumental Music: 'UNKNOWN' , composed by Daniel Baqai, 2020

Please use the arrows on either side of the photos to scroll and view  photos from the installation. After viewing the photos please watch the video below. The video below is what I projected onto to moor along with sound through speakers. It is integral to the final work, and made accessible online as a continuing piece that can be accessed unlimitedly in contrast to the installation itself. 

Bea Kilduff, Film as part of installation, 2020
Music: 'UNKNOWN' , composed by Daniel Baqai, 2020

*Please note video footage is unavailable as I was alone in setting this up, and was doing so with an oncoming thunder storm. The camera available to me is unable to film in the dark. For this reason the installation is documented with photographs of the film projection only . The piece is both the video and the projection. 

ERROR88: 'Isolation is a destructive force.' is a multi media installation. It has 3 elements. One: Audio TWO: Film, and THREE: Location. 
ELEMENT ONE: AUDIO; The consistent, foundational layer of audio is an instrumental piece composed by local musician Daniel Baqai. I am the director and producer of the song, and Daniel Baqai the composer.  The song is called 'UNKNOWN' and  replicates industrial sounds, as well as pulsating, rhymical elements like the waves of the ocean. The song expresses isolation, fear, and a building of anxiety.
Digital poems, voice clips, general background noise from previously curated events overlay 'UNKOWN'. The audio is overwhelming; many things are lost in the chaos. 

ELEMENT TWO; VISUALS: The film visuals are composed of the previous ERROR88 Videos, all  of which are overlaid with the original footage from inside the beer glass on long exposure at Barrow Underground Music Society (BUMS). The visuals are colourful, digital, abstract, and uncomfortable. The movement of the clips, swaying back and forth at times, distorted and interrupted, mimic drunkenness. The visuals and audio infuse to create the feeling of a drunken night out gone wrong: The experience of Furness  has become too overwhelming. 
ELEMENT THREE: The Installation occurred at Birkrigg moor: A place of connection, disconnection, isolation, natural beauty, and lost industry. I projected onto a 16ft limestone quarry used to build local walls years ago. The moors are exceptionally rural and isolated and a place locals go to 'dis-connect': Simultaneously it is a place of connection: The landscape connections the surrounding mountains as well as 6 local towns and villages, and 3/4 of the surrounding area is ocean.  The moors that connect all the local areas high up, and look towards the mountains, and around the sea and towns. 

The film imposes overwhelming feelings of anxiety, chaos, and drunk hopelessness on the viewer. The feelings of all these hardships, factors, and troubles festering in ones mind before, one night at BUMS within the neon lights and stumbling into the street, it all gushes out: Chaotically without stability or structure. 

By projecting it in the given location, such violent, endless, defining, working class experiences are lost to the isolated landscape. They are hidden in the moors. They become inaccessible and obtrusive: these experiencing are not for your pleasure, they are not poverty porn on BBC ready for your consumption. They are intrinsic to these communities, they are not palatable, light, fluffy experiences. Additionally, whereas Birkrigg is outside, the footage is largely of BUMS and inside UNDERGROUND venues. By playing the footage it acts as what is going on 'underground' and within the landscape: People are hurting, suffering, and feeling trapped. 

The installation as a whole then presents these relationships and dictonmies; the paradoxes that define this experience. The hopelessness and the creative perseverance.


Bea Kilduff, Screenshots from film prior to installation, 2020