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 Roles: I WAS THE SOLE CREATOR OF Translation. Editor, photographer, designer, writer, audio producer.

Created over 2017 and 2018, 'TRANSlation' is a body of work that explores the complex socio-political relationship between gender and computer binaries. 2015-2018 were revolutionary: Online spaces now platformed socially progressive education at a level never seen before. These global movements include the gender-diversity movement and the technological revolution. My art work engages these 2 movements, evaluating their similarities and following their progression from a constructed binary towards a more quantum, fluid state.

'TRANSlation' presents images of various anonymous people, with varying gender identities, and translates these images into QR scans and binary code, presenting the lack of inclusivity in traditional social attitudes that confine gender and gender behaviours  to 'cis-male' and 'cis-female.'  From this, these codes and scans are then translated into LGBT+  flags, re-birthing them with colour, as well as into rhizomic patterns that rebel against the previous binary confinements. 
The final video, below, presents the consequences of anti-LGBT+ education and microaggressions towards LGBT+ communities. Informed by official hate crime statistics, primary and secondary interviews, and prominent LGBT+ activists, 'TRANSlation: Pay No MInd' is a literal translation of the the lived experience of many transgender and LGBT+ people worldwide. 

'TRANSlation: Pay No MInd', 2017, Bea Kilduff


  • The shapes that are moving seemingly towards the viewer are small cubes, to seem like pixels. The total of pixels adds up to each transgender person who was violently attacked or murdered ON RECORD between December 2016 and December 2017 using my research.

  • The pixels are a pastel blue, white and pink to represent the transgender flag.

  • The audio visualisation is circular to represent fluidity. there is so no start or end of it. It has 6 mirrored points, 1 for each of the most common gender identities: Cis-male, cis-female, trans-male, trans-female, none binary, and gender fluid.

  • The narration purposely leaves ambiguity as to whether the true speaker is a human using the software, or the technology itself.

  • The main concept of the video is confronting common trans-phobic microaggressions and the violent consequences of a strictly binary society. 
    The act of each microaggression is translated into the consequences.

  • The consequence follows the word TRANSLATION as I am translating the act into the consequence. 

  • After each TRANSLATION is the name, city & country, date, and act of a murdered transgender individual between Dec 2016 and Dec 2017.

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