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  • Bea Kilduff

click here for ISOLATION || ERROR88

'Isolation' 2020, Film & Installation, Bea Kilduff

I created this installation at Salt House Mill, a location that has been integral to ERROR88. I installed my phone playing the overwhelming videos from my previous installation, that displayed the underground creative spaces filled with colour, and the digital spaces that so many are reliant on due to the areas isolation. In doing so I subverted my previous installations intentions. Whilst my previous installation aimed to create a space that overwhelmed the viewer and induced them anxiety, this installation aimed to focused on being isolated and lost. The sounds of the video are lost to the coastal winds, the phone and the colourful creative spaces are hidden, and melt into their environment, barely visible: They are underground, but also scarce. The creativity and bright colours fighting to be seen and heard amongst all the hardships. Salt House Mill, as seen in my 'Local Spaces' 2019 represents the loss of industry, rural poverty, and creative perseverance. Once an old paper mill, then

a space of youth: Used as a creative playground for graffiti artists , a skatepark, but also a place of growing drug activity from county line drug gangs targeting coastal towns: Now, as of Summer 2020 Salt House Mill appears to be broken down and fenced off, with shipping containers, waste, and local talks of it becoming a tip site.

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