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  • Bea Kilduff

click here for: 'EXPLOITATION' 02-2020 || ERROR88

ERROR88; Exploitation: A multi-media series exploring multi-system Exploitation through word-play, spoken word, film, interview, and memes. Exhibited at the 'Interim Exhibition 02-2020 ' on film reel at the University of Reading.

'Stay Out Of Politics' Bea Kilduff, Film, Duration 0 mins 53 secs, 2020

'Demonetize Me' Bea Kilduff, Film, Duration 0 mins 12 secs, 2020

Following 'Gentrify Me', I began to further explore the systems of exploitation (socio-economic, digital, physical) , the various bodies of the exploited and the paradoxes that form their relationship. I considered the local conservative attitudes towards gender and sexuality: The traditional attitudes that demean men who cry, that deny women agency over they sexuality. Subverting my previous attempts at palatability and subtlety, I created obnoxious and cringe work that celebrated the abstract , the in-accessibility, and the paradoxical. To play on the ambiguity and dual interpretations of 'poverty porn' and 'phrased like 'I'm fucked' & fuck me.' There is a 'systematic error'.' Local, digital, & socio-economic space. 'Fuck me': 1) Sexual// 2) Frustrated 'Porn': 1) Poverty Porn: the stereotyping, demonization, and exploitation of lower socio-economic classes // 2) The (often) systematic exploitation of the female body

Exploitation: Unfair treatment to profit off of their work or being 1) Working Class exploitation // 2) Exploitation of 'the female'. Dehumanization through the digital misinformation. I intended for my work to be unapologetically cringe and blunt. I wanted the anger to seep through, I used digital voices once again, and produced the videos in a 'meme' like format.

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