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  • Bea Kilduff

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'ERROR88' Bea Kilduff, Installation, , Cumbria 2020

'ERROR88' is an 'at home' installation compromised of a series of videos, audio, and graphic works that depicts the autobiographical experience growing up as a woman in Furness. The individual films and spoken words are compromised of primary sources including interviews, films, conversations, as well as secondary sources such as newspaper articles, and UN reports. The overall installation was created as a part of a socially distanced exhibition. My work's imposition of autobiographical experience on the audience can be compared to Mark Leckey's 'O Power of Bleakness' . Leckey re-constructs the literal architecture of his childhood and places the audience within it. As in 'Dream English Kid 1964-1999AD' where he re-creates his experiences of nostalgia and anxiety in a reel of autobiographical film footage.

My intention is to re-create the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, chaos, youth, violation, and frustration born from growing up in Furness. Whereas the beginning of this academic project intended for subtlety and palatability, I have now subverted this into an overtly obtrusive and abstract installation composed of obscure, abrasive videos that integrate the multi-layer, complex relationship between the systematic exploitation of various bodies. 'Various bodies' being: My physical female body; the working class body; natures body; the digital body. All of these bodies are exposed to systematic exploitation therefore I have assumed the concept of 'ERROR88' referring to a 'systematic error' occurring digitally, socially, economically. 88 refers to the 88% of conservative posts that contained misinformation leading up to the 2019 December general election. The work installation is located in a small, dark garage: The viewer enters the room one person at a time and is bombarded by a series of obnoxiously loud , intrusive audio and visual medias that replay and overlay. The audience member may feel anxious, overwhelmed, sad. Depending on their own relationship with the works content, the viewer may feel connected: As in they relate to the experience, feeling nostalgia and familiar; or they may feel dis-connected: As in they do not associate with the works content and so expose the regional and social difference in experience. Below are the individual film pieces. (Below) 'What Cannot Be Bought ' Bea Kilduff, Spoken Word & Film, Duration 0 mins 24 secs, 2020 Displayed as part of 'ERROR88' installation

'Hi, My Name Is E' Bea Kilduff, Film, Duration 0 mins 54 secs, 2020

'Hi My Name Is E' plays on the idea of the digital body. Throughout I have referenced the importance of digital space for connection in rural areas. I created 'E' a character representing ERROR88; as a satirical digital embodiment of my experience. The film short plays into the sexual word play of 'poverty porn' and 'fuck me', creating a comedic and bizarre dating profile that integrates aspects of my previous works. The footage is composed of the film from within the beer glass at BUMS, and from footage of my own body, and from the gentrify me video.

'Coke Comedown' Bea Kilduff, Abstract Film, 4 mins 42 secs, 2020 Displayed as part of 'ERROR88' installation

'Coke Comedown' is a bizarre, obscure video that overlays various spoken word, and distorted footage and audio from my previous pieces. The film was created to be re-played and overlaid in the installation to contribute to the overwhelming effect.

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