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  • Bea Kilduff

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(Above) 'I Just Wanna Dance' 2019 Bea Kilduff, Film, Duration 3 mins 17 sec

(Below) 'I Just Wanna Dance' Still 2019 Bea Kilduff, Film Still, 2019

Bea Kilduff, Film Still, 2019
'I Just Wanna Dance'

(Below) 'Dancing Alone' 2019 Bea Kilduff , Film, Duration 2 mins 30 sec

To re-enforce my existence amongst these voices, I have literally placed myself within them.

My previous video pieces censored my experience resulting in it appearing voyeuristic.

Unlike Renzo Martins' 'Enjoy Poverty', the subject matter was born from my own experience, and was not voyeuristic. My original intention was to present an objective, BBC-style docu-series introducing a conversation about the socio-economic hardships and experiences of those who lived in the Furness area. By trying to make the films palatable, my work was being received as poverty porn and therefore, like Martins, I was contributing to the very social problems I was aiming to address. In response to this I have created the works 'I Just Wanna Dance' and 'Dancing Alone'. I have placed myself directly in the project. Where do I belong amongst these voices? Within this area, how do I feel? How shall I present my voice, my experiences? My answer to these questions is dancing and humour. The subtle yet constant personal fatigue drawn from socio-economic issues and poverty cycles will not disappear over night. It is important to platform our voices, however to re-collect such fatiguing experiences is difficult. I want to enjoy life, and to have fun. When I go to BUMS, I go to enjoy community, to celebrate music, and to dance. Therefore rather than providing an interview of myself , I presented a video of me dancing and enjoying life in a resiliently creative space that exists despite the external difficulties. The 1st work is overlaid with the audio from 'The Hope & Anchor'.

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