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Documentation of IRON SLATE STEEL: LIVE AUDIO & Film w/ accompanying works, Duration 2hrs 16mins 40secs EVENT: 06 December 2019, BUMS, 6pm Till Late, MUSICIANS: CHNCER, HAYDEN BARLOW, PHRASER ARTISTS: Bea Kilduff (Mixed Media Works), Johnny Kavanagh (Illustrations, Paintings), Rebecca Smith (Photography) CURATOR: Bea Kilduff Held in aid of Reaching Wellness Ltd, as a fundraiser to raise awareness regarding the local suicide and mental health crisis.

(Above) Bea Kilduff 'IRON SLATE STEEL', Official Photography & Graphic Edits, 2019 (Below) Bea Kilduff 'IRON SLATE STEEL Documentation', (Non-Official) Event night set-up, 2019

'IRON SLATE STEEL' was held on December 6th 2019 at BUMS. I curated IRON SLATE STEEL to celebrate local creatives, and to support local mental health business Reaching Wellness Ltd.

All profits from the night were donated to Reaching Wellness. The night showcased artwork from photographer Rebecca Smith. Smith's work portrayed mental health disorders through a series of sepia portraits. Local queer artist Johnny Kavanagh exhibited autobiographical illustrations on depression. Bea Kilduff (myself) showcased a series of work from my project, including paintings, and photography. I organised musicians to perform throughout the night. The musicians performed covers an their own music. The musicians included Haydon Barlow, CHNCER, and PHRASER. My intention for RON SLATE STEEL beyond raising money and awareness, was to showcase local talent, and the provide a space where people could let go and dance, share their stories, feel vulnerable, feel creative, and feel connected. The night was the first of its kind in Furness, and was such a success that I have been invited back to create and curate more in the future.

Preparation & Inspiration: Mock Ups Before IRON SLATE STEEL I was producing mainly photography, film, and poetry of locals and the local spaces. I then produced 'A Drunken Halloween' (below) before moving forward to create my own event and curate my own night IRON SLATE STEEL. Below provides further information on my previous attempts at documenting local events. 'Folk Archive: Contemporary Popular Art from the UK' , a series of works organised by Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, re-defines what is consider folk art in contemporary Britain. Their ability to present these small-scale yet much loved community events that take place outside of artistically supported spaces such as Urban exhibitions, gives light to the beauty and character of such events. Informed by this concept, I went on to document unique sub-cultures that have evolved in the Furness area.

(Above) 'A Drunken Halloween' Bea Kilduff, Film (YouTube upload) , Duration 20 mins 55 secs (Below) Bea Kilduff, Digital Photography, Colour, 31-10-2019

I was invited to the annual Halloween gig at BUMS, where bands play and everyone dresses up in amusing outfits, moshes, and have a good time. I documented this through film and photography. My intention was to capture the community, the darkness, the colours, and the playful energy of the night. For me, this documentation is a form of art: Capturing the spirit of the local creative community.

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